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Pastor Frank & Susan Tibangendeka (above) are the Founders & Executive Directors of Conquerors Ministries International and also the Senior Pastors of Conquerors Christian Life Church located in Mayuge District of Uganda. They are happily married and serving the Lord with great enthusiasm since 2006 in the local village of Bugadde (Kityerera) in Mayuge District of South Eastern Uganda. The work of ministry and the school project has been possible while working together with a team of other leaders and volunteers.

Conquerors Ministries International (CMI) is registered in Uganda as a Non-Profit Christian Organization (NGO) with the Registration No. S.5914/6871 which started 2006. Conquerors Christian Life Church is a member of Born Again Faith Federation of Uganda with reference number MYG/CCLC/001/09.

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To Win, Equip and Deploy people into services of God.


To Build a Healing Ministry for people who are hurting; Spiritually, Physically, Socially and Economically in order to fulfill God's purpose intended for man.

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