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Bugadde - Kityerera (Mayuge) Uganda  

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Conquerors Christian Life Church - Bugadde was begun in the year 2006 by Pastor Frank & Susan Tibagendeka in a place called Bugadde 'B' - Kityerera in Mayuge District.

This village had been neglected by many missionaries and church planters because of the problems which bound the place like; witchcraft, ignorance, poverty, drunkardness etc.

But because God led Pastor Frank to this place, the grace was there to oversee God's work take root which resulted to the Gospel being preached there and a church planted.

The Church begun with 9 members as a bible study group and then as the place was evangelised it turned into a church. The number went on growing and there is over 200 members in the church.

Pastor Frank now ministers at the church as the senior pastor assisted with his wife Susan. But there is also a team of other leaders who have also helped to stand with them in the work.



Here is a full list of Pastors at Conquerors Christian Life Church International - Bugadde.

  • Frank Tibagendeka                   -       Senior Pastor
  • Susan Tibagendeka                 -       Associate Pastor
  • Patrick Kyakulaga                   -       Associate Pastor
  • Kevin Kyakulaga                       -       Associate Pastor

Church Departmental Leaders Include:

  1. Sulayi Ikoba                               -       Church Development
  2. Moses Nantamu                         -       Discipleship Ministry
  3. Prossy Nantamu                        -       Children Ministry
  4. Susan Ikoba                               -       Marrieds Ministry
  5. Dhivuge Lawrence                     -       Mens' Ministry
  6. Noah Muwanguzi                        -      Music Ministry
  7. Stephen Opendi                          -      Evangelism Ministry
  8. Irene Naikoba                             -      Followup Ministry
  9. Francisca Tikabula                       -     Ushers Ministry 
  10. Sulayi Ikoba                                -      Prayer Ministry
  11. Gorret Ouma                               -      Women Ministry
  12. Esau Martin                                 -      Interpretation
  13. Godfrey Maganda                       -      Youth Ministry
  14. Sarah Nanjala                             -      Welfare Ministry
  15. Kato                                            -      Health Ministry


People inside our church during a sunday service
Inside the church structure with people worshiping
Picture of our current church structure
Pastor Jacob recieves a bible gift from Pastor Frank
Church bricks locally spread out to dry
Bricks heaped up and being burnt to turn red
A church member volunteers to make bricks for the ministry

NOTE: Some of the Church construction needs include; Cement, Iron sheets, timber, Doors, Sand,etc 


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