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  Conquerors Ministries International is a  Christ centred Ministry started in 2006 by Pastor Frank and Susan Tibagendeka who are the Founders and Executive directors of the Ministry working together with a team of seven other directors on the team.  

It is a ministry registered in Uganda as a non profit organization with the registeration No. S. 5914/6871. The Ministry is located in a village called 'Bugadde B' Kityerera - Mayuge District in South Eastern Uganda. In the ministry also is; Conquerors Christian Life Church which is a member of the Born Again Faith Federation of Uganda with reference No. MYG/CCLC/001/09 and Conquerors College School which is a secondary/high school set up to provide formal education in order to fight ignorance among the needy and less previlleged children of this Community.

The reason why Conquerors Ministries International (CMI) is based deep in the rural area (country side) of South Eastern Uganda is because most missionaries were working in urban areas and rural areas had been so much neglected due to hazards like:

  • Poor Infrastructure such as road with poor transport means
  • Ignorance and Disease
  • No electricity
  • High level of illiteracy
  • Poor standards of living
  • Insuficient communication means
  • Inadequate medical facilities
  • Unsafe water for drinking

More to the above, the area was much islamised hence the need to preach the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Vision of C.M.I is to Win, Equip and Deploy people into the services of God in Africa.

'WIN' means reaching the unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ, 'EQUIP' meaning training them in knowledge and skills using all resources available basing on the word of God and 'DEPLOY' meaning sending them out into the world to offer services for God.

The Objectives / Purposes of the Ministry are summarized in the statements belows:

  1. To preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ throught our Nation Uganda and other Nations in accordance with command in Mark 16:15, Matt 28:18-20.
  2. To plant and establish churches country wide and outside Uganda, and to encourage evangelistic meetings like Gospel Crusades, Door to Door outreaches, National and International Seminars and Conferences, Over Night Prayers and Workshops, T.V and Radio Sound Broadcast, Cinematography and Films, Evangelistic Pamphlets, Christian Magazines and any other means which can convey the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. To work together with persons / organisations with like minds and intensions without descrimination based on race, tribe, sex, language or profession as long as they know and believe Jesus Christ our Lord.
  4. To design programmes and develop income generating projects which promote social, economic and physical aspects aimed at uplifiting the standard of life in the rural and urban communities such as Schools, Medical Health Centres, Animals & Poultry Keeping, Securing Water Resources such as bore holes, Loan Scheme Projects, Secreterial Bereaus among others.
  5. To support the needy, Orphans and Vulnerable Children in areas like, food, cloths, shelter, education and counselling.
  6. To train, support and ecourage the youths in developmental programs and to protect the youth against AIDS/HIV through Aids Awareness, Educational Programmes and Support and also to care for the people already living with AIDS/HIV.
  7. To improve and promote health among Widows, Eldery and other Disadvantaged groups in the Community.
  8. To recieve and host National and International Visitors / Friends, Partners with divine welcome making them feel at home while visiting the ministry and touring them to places of interest of their own choice.
  9. To apply and accept grants, support, donations, gifts from any International body, NGOs, Public Organisations, Companies, Corporations or from any persons with a view of promoting the objectives of the Ministry.  

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