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Conquerors College School is a project by the Ministry where by many needy students, orphans and vulnerable students attain education.  We believe that as we fight ignorance by offering education, these children can become self reliant in future.

Pastor Frank having been “fed up” with the difficult situation, the suffering of the people in Mayuge and with deeper desire to save many children of Mayuge district, he started 'CONQUERORS COLLEGE SCHOOL'. 

Conquerors college school is situated in Bugadde B, Mayuge near a trading, shopping and meeting centre for more than half of the population, a distance of 145km from Kampala - the capital city of Uganda.
Illiteracy level is alarming, many poverty stricken parents, HIV/AIDS victimized families and tens of thousands of orphans left behind by AIDS and wars.
African culture has for long been a great hazard to the girl education. Conquerors College school gives the girl child priority.
Mayuge district is among the 5 most populated districts in Uganda. It is the 3rd poorest district in Uganda. In Uganda we have about 74 districts. Mayuge district has a population of 3.5 million people.

Due to the illiteracy level of the population, young men have turned to less profitable activities for some “hope”, Karat (playing cards for money), hunting animals, stealing, poor methods of farming, poor methods of fishing and some end up on streets and cause havoc to the society.
Young girls of Mayuge enter early marriages, as you move around the villages of Mayuge district, you will meet short, young “mothers”. Girls of 12, 13, 15 years carrying babies on their backs !!!! Who are not planned for !!!!

As you move around the villages of Mayuge district, you will agree with one researcher who said “No doubt” Mayuge has 85% polygamous families!
Conquerors college school is put in place to address these problems.

This school is private, community and Faith based, registered with the ministry of Education and Sports under the governorship of an excellent board of governors, under the Management of a management committee with Pastor Frank Tibagendekaas the Director, working hand in hand with the Local Leaders, other NGOs, etc.


  • School Director                      -   Frank & Susan Tibagendeka
  • Head teacher                        -    Simon Babalanda
  • Deputy Headteacher               -   Esau Martin Nabongo
  • Director of studies                 -   Sande Robert
  • Disciplinary Master                -   Lawrence Pitho
  • Patron, Students Chapel        -    Elijah Mugeni
  • Bursar                                 -    Patrick Kyakulaga
  • Secretary                            -    Damalie Kaudha


'with God all things are Possible'


To fight illiteracy and poverty by providing free / affordable education to the poorest of the poor in Africa. 



To offer education opportunities to vulnerable students who cannot care for themselves and establish a school which is based on Christian principles that will help to improve on education level.


1.   To reduce the high level of illiteracy in the district and the country at large.

2.   To show these poor, desperate people that they are Godly people and God who loves educated people.

3.   To establish a school, which will spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of the community, Uganda, and East Africa at large.

4.   To instill a sense of discipline, morals and counseling services.

5.   To train the young people on how to get rid of poverty.


  • Safe water (bore hole)
  • Generator
  • School Van
  • Staff Quarters
  • Library
  • Laboratory
  • Need to complete the school building
  • Salary for teachers
  • Need for income generating activities to become self sustainable



Students attending class
Boys Hostel, still lack beds as students make their beds on the floor
Some students join community members to draw water for use
Students zealous to learn though the floor is not cemented
General view of the school compound
Some students harvesting vegetables to prepare their meal
Students after pick vegetables and potatoes for their meal
School adminstrative block in the background needs completion
Students digging and planting beans in the school garden
Students get their meals at school
Students happy with their new classrooms
A teacher conducts a lesson with the students
Teachers relaxing in the school compound after a lesson
Teachers happy to see their students progressing
Upcoming school adminstrative block
You can join hands with us to help cement the classroom block

Here is the primary school - Conquerors Junior primary school as one of our schools put in place to address the challenge of illiteracy in our community.
Education is one of the major challenges faced by the community in Bugadde - Mayuge district.
This challenge manifested mainly due to catastrophes like HIV/Aids which has claimed many people's lives leaving behind their children with no hope, civil wars, as well as poor economic activities where parents cannot afford to save anything like tuition fee to take their children to school.

Conquerors Junior primary school and Conquerors College school were put in place to address such issues in order to create an opportunity of having an educated generation in future that can be able to solve their own problems in the community. The two schools are projects of Conquerors Ministries International - Uganda.

Conquerors Junior primary school caters more to the needy and orphaned children with free education as well as availing them with the basic needs such as food, cloths, scholastic materials and shelter.
The number of children currently in school is 185 yet very many still out in need of help.



There is great need for child sponsorship. Therefore dear friend  / partner, if you have been touched to sponsor a single child or a group, please feel free to be a blessing that way.


For more information, contact the Ministry Administrator at:

Email: conquerorsministriesug@gmail.com

Primary pupils posing for a photo inside their makeshift classes
Pupils taking part in general compound cleaning
Pupils standing infront of their classroom
Pupils outside their classroom
Makeshift classrooms of the school
Primary Pupils having a break at the school
The un finished building block of the school
Primary pupils inside their class having a lesson

A teacher conducting a lesson 
The general view of the school compound